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Oobroo Ideal Turmeric


Product Description

Company Name: Oobroo Inc

Company Phone Number: 505-309-5340

Company Website: oobroo.com


Doctor formulated, organic, whole food, nutrient dense, turmeric + pepper supplement, clean labeled, ecologically packaged, offered with recommendations for use to optimize bio-availability. Promotes wellness based on Ayurvedic evidence based experience and scientific peer reviewed studies. Diet is the best source of nutrients, but when diet can’t do it. Oobroo Ideal Turmeric is best-in-class to fill in the gaps. Highest quality guaranteed by identity testing and heavy metal testing of ingredients, California Prop 65 compliant. Proudly made in the USA.

  • PO Box 32222, Santa Fe, NM 87594
  • : 5053095340
  • : https://www.oobroo.com
  • : Jennie Ann Freiman MD
  • : 9176470574
  • : TeamOobroo@oobroo.com
  • : Manufacturer
  • : None
  • : Yes (on the market for 6 months or less)
  • Oobroo Box 300 X 300 Oobroo Jar+Capules 300X300 Oobroo Ideal Turmeric Label 300X300 Collage
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