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LightForce FXi Therapy Laser


Product Description

Company Name: LightForce Therapy Lasers

Company Phone Number: 877-627-3858

Company Website:

The new FXi Therapy Laser is designed for clinical maneuverability. Equipped with industry-leading influence technology, a comprehensive 2-year warranty, long-life battery operation, and comprehensive training resources, this new laser therapy system provides a potent mobile treatment delivery solution. Intuitive built-in protocols facilitate optimal dose delivery for numerous common conditions, while the Perfect Protocol feature allows for added dosing precision when further customization is required. Complete with an Instant Replay feature that allows users to save these custom protocols for quick access and repeatability, the FXi makes it easy to achieve consistent outcomes no matter where you treat.

  • : LightForce Therapy Lasers
  • 250 Corporate Blvd, Suite B - Newark, DE 19702
  • : 18776273858
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  • : Amanda Hoffmeyer
  • : 3027090408
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  • : Manufacturer
  • : Jeff Pruitt
  • : Yes (on the market for 6 months or less)
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