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Company Name: CBD CLINIC

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CBD CLINIC is America’s first line of pain relief ointments and creams combining FDA-approved analgesic ingredients with a hemp extract called cannabidiol (CBD). The product line is legal in all 50 states and is currently in chiropractic offices in over 20 states and growing. DCs report that the company’s products are effective at reducing even the most severe muscle and joint pain—both for their own pain as well as their patients. Several professional and Olympic athletes are using CBD CLINIC products. The CBD used is nearly devoid of THC—the substance in marijuana that is psychoactive and gets you high. This enabled the company to produce a product line that is safe for everyone and with no concern of THC showing up in drug tests. Nelson Vetanze, the first official chiropractor for the NFL, said “CBD CLINIC are the best topical analgesic products I have ever used in my practice. It makes my job easier.” Josh Beaudry, a Colorado chiropractor, says, “It’s nothing like I’ve ever used before. My patients are begging for it.”

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