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About Physician’s Strength

Physician’s Strength supports doctors around the world in their mission and ours to ‘Heal the World and Make it a Better Place.’ That begins with honesty, integrity, and a promise to do no harm. Thus, at Physician’s Strength we begin with the finest ingredients that Nature provides.

Physician’s Strength, in business for 30 years, is an independent, woman-owned company since 1992. Since we are not beholden to shareholders, there is no need for us to cut corners or compromise our integrity in our ingredient sourcing or in our processes. Whenever possible, our ingredients are wild-sourced.

Physician’s Strength specializes in fast-acting, efficacious formulas that remain as close to nature as possible. In processing, we avoid the use of heat and use the most natural extraction methods available. Our products include no additives, colors, filters, solvents, petrochemicals or other excipients. We were the first to market with Oregacillin, an oregano product safe for daily use, as well as being first to market with black seed oil and chaga products.

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