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PainZone is a premium topical analgesic, made from the highest-grade ingredients, that helps patients with aches, pains, soreness, arthritis symptoms, and provides deep penetrating relief for back pain.  It offers great retail sales opportunities for chiropractors and professionals who need a quality product to use and sell to patients.

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PainZone isn’t new, just new to chiropractic.

PainZone offers 3 Active Ingredients and uses a fatty acid base with no water filler for faster penetrating relief.
Camphor 3% …. Analgesic
Menthol 12% …. Counterirritant
Methyl salicylate 20%… Counterirritant  

Not available in retail outlets or pharmacies. PainZone is available exclusively to healthcare practitioners who want a high-quality product for their practice and their patients with the comfort of knowing they are dealing with a company who is committed to professionals looking for retail sales opportunities.

Made in the USA.

MedZone products were initially designed in 2001 by sports medicine professionals. MedZone ® products are made from the highest-grade ingredients and are a preferred choice of medical professionals who require long-lasting, premium quality products for their athletes, and patients. Made in USA in a FDA-registered facility in compliance with FDA regulations, The mission of MedZone® is to make EveryBODY Feel Better. Our products work to prevent, treat and manage aches, pains, discomforts, wounds and skin-chafing issues for individuals in sports, industrial settings and recreational activities.

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PainZone isn’t new: it’s just new to chiropractic.
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