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What to expect in this eCourse:

 - Research article: Does PEA Support a Normal Pain Response?

 - Catalog training: How phytocannabinoids support a normal pain response
 - White Paper: A deep dive into the potential clinical uses of PEA
 - Supplement Support Protocol: Chronic pain and inflammation 

Muscle Health Support Ecourse

Relieve Inflammation Naturally

During this four-part course, you will gain insight into dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental support for muscle health and function.

A potential cause of dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system may be chronic pain and inflammation. Whether from injuries, overuse, chronic conditions, or nutritional deficiencies, chronic inflammation may lead to stiff and painful muscles impacting function and quality of life.

This course details nutrients, herbs, and other compounds that promote a normal pain response and a healthy inflammatory response, with a focus on palmitoylethanolamide (PEA).

Muscle Health Support Ecourse

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