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Relieve Inflammation Naturally

Collagen in Bone and Joint Support

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For over 30 years, JTECH Medical has provided medical professionals with state-of-the-art medical products. We take great pride in helping our clients reach the highest levels of achievement.

JTECH’s continued success is built on three key elements: our ability to adapt new and emerging technologies to the field of physical medicine, our commitment to manufacturing high-quality and reliable products, and our dedication to providing world-class customer service and support. Our commitment is evident in the quality of every device we produce.

Our products are all manufactured in the United States by craftsmen who take pride in what they create. With over 35,000 devices in use worldwide, JTECH has solutions for organizations of all types and sizes. Whether equipment is needed for a large health care facility, small single practitioner clinic, professional sports team, or a company wanting to provide wellness benefits to their employees, JTECH has a solution. Each JTECH team member believes providing patients with the most accurate outlook on their well-being starts with having the best equipment available.

Together, we can accelerate patient healing.

About JTECH Medical

✅ Echo Wireless Muscle Tester with flat pad and curved pad

Commander Echo Wireless Console kit

This Kit Includes:

The Commander Echo product line is completely modular, so you can upgrade to additional device types as your practice grows. One console will pair with up to 7 device types.


Commander Echo Muscle Testing Starter Kit

($1,390 Value)

Quickly and accurately quantify maximum average strength as well as bilateral deficits with the Commander Echo Wireless Muscle Testing Starter Kit. Provides you with objective measurements to prove physical deficits and determine a solid treatment plan.

JTECH Medical empowers you to reduce insurance denials, increase attorney referrals, and improve patient retention & results.  

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