Worried about HIPAA compliance? If you are questioning yourself, there's a high chance that your practice is not fully compliant. 

It is important to be knowledgeable on all facets of this topic, understand the law, and conduct the required audits, evaluations, and reviews. This 8-module eCourse will help you be more informed enabling you to be confident in running a HIPAA compliant practice. 

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This HIPAA eCourse will include:

1. Webinar | 5 Myths on HIPAA Compliance

     In this webinar, Certified HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert, Dr. Ty Talcott, goes over the top 5 myths about HIPAA regulations.

2. Article | 6 Ways to Prepare for an Audit

     In this article, you will learn 6 things to help you prepare for an audit.

3. List | List of Policies and Contracts Needed

     This is a list of some of the most important policies you'll need when it comes to employee responsibilities, procedures, technology, and security. 

4. Form Download | How to Create an Information Systems Activity Review

     In this module, you will learn how to create an Information Systems Activity Review (ISAR) Log. Get a free download of the (ISAR) form too! 

5. Download | HIPAA Terminology and Acronym Tree

     This download is a HIPAA terminology and acronym handout to help you better understand what HIPAA really is.

6. Webinar | Ransomware

     In this webinar, you'll learn about the four things that 90% of chiropractors don't know about cybersecurity and HIPAA, and the two things you must have to be HIPAA compliant according to the government. 

7. eBook | Security in the Digital Age

     In this eBook, you will learn how to make informed decisions so that you can have a HIPAA-compliant back-up and recovery resource, as well as safety tips for your practice, staff, and patients. 

8. Checklist | See the Top Ways to Help Ensure You Are Compliant

     This checklist will show what shortcomings, especially those that result in fines, are most commonly found during an investigation

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About ChiroTouch
ChiroTouch is an ONC-certified EHR chiropractic software that allows you to create HIPAA-compliant documentation while managing every aspect of your practice. We’ve collaborated with the profession’s most respected billing and coding experts to stay up to date on the latest HIPAA regulatory changes to help you remain HIPAA compliant. ChiroTouch comes preloaded with case type, technique and therapy-specific macros designed to be “audit proof” so you and your staff can tackle the day with confidence.