Foot Dysfunction as a Stress Factor in Lower Back Pain

Speaker: Dr. Howard J. Dananberg, DPM   

This webinar will describe a different paradigm to understand late phase foot pronation. Discover how this represents a distortion in effectively lifting body weight while walking, altering the ergonomics required for efficient gait.

Discussion will also include how stress to the lumbar spine and adjacent muscles are related to changes in pre-swing to swing phase motion and how it impacts lower back mechanics and perpetuates symptoms.

About the Speaker:

About the Speaker:

A podiatrist who practiced in Manchester, NY, Howard Dananberg was named one of the most influential podiatrists in the U.S. by Podiatry Management magazine.

He has published widely on lower limb biomechanics. Experts know him worldwide for his well-researched understanding of the connection between gait style and chronic lower back pain. He has also pioneered solutions for limited range of motion in the big toe joint (functional hallux limitus)—a frequently overlooked condition.

In addition, Howard has translated his ideas into patented foot products, distributed around the world. Howard’s novel techniques and technologies have successfully helped both men and women relieve a variety of walking-related symptoms throughout the body.

With the help of in-pressure shoe testing, for example, he developed a kinetic wedge to improve the comfort of running shoes. He also helped create a groundbreaking insert for high heels, called Insolia. Designed to lessen foot, leg, and back pain, the insole puts the foot in a more ideal position, making heels feel almost like a pair of flats.

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