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Posture and Stability

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Generation Z is lining up to be in need for a major posture corrector with most on their phones 5 hours a day.

In this eCourse you’ll learn about:

Tech neck before and after

  • Treating forward head posture – including contributing factors, breaking the pattern, the role of foot function in posture, elements of tech neck treatment plan 

Proper posture starts with the feet

  • Pronation and subtalar joint motion, posture analysis and measuring pronation, and pronation and the kinetic chain

Proprioception: Alignment and Movement

  • Proprioceptive sensory organs, locations of greatest importance, and treatment app

Chiropractor posture correction

  • Anterior head movement, posture, and life expectancy, sitting can shorten your life, and posture correction

Adding rehab to your practice

  • Exercise instruction, rehab in small spaces, need to document and CPT codes, and two-way benefits of rehab 

Plus, Bonus Questionnaires, Forms, and Charts

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