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As leaders in technology and education, our responsibility is to be at the forefront of medical advancements, thereby providing balance and opportunity for chiropractors to step into the next wave of success for their practice.

Erchonia is excited to bring you the top speakers in the industry live & online to offer the highest-level CE courses validated through extensive scientific research and proven techniques perfected by the industries best.

Our speakers offer a wide range of knowledge and skills for Laser Physiology, Next Gen. Neurological Treatments, Core Strategies for Systemic Inflammation & Chronic Pain, Management of Common Clinical Syndromes, Laser Therapy Basics & Hands-on Applications and much more!

The knowledge and skills you will acquire through these courses will change your practice, your life and your patient’s lives!

Erchonia's Dedication to Education of the DC Community 


Learn from Industry Leaders

Dr. Dan Murphy

Dr. Rob Silverman

Dr. Jerome Rerucha

Dr. Kristin Hieshetter

Dr. Kirk Gair

Dr. Trevor Berry

Dr. Scott Tauber

Erchonia and Chiropractic Economics want to celebrate with you for 125 years of Chiropractic! 

Chiropractic Economics and Erchonia celebrate 125 years of chiropractic in the US.  We have seen our industry innovate and evolve  to provide chiropractic clients with the best treatment possible. As we look to our past to recognize our long and storied history as a profession, our dedicated and united effort as a community can help the industry thrive for the next generation of DC's.

Diana DaGrosa