​Tools + Tape
Conquering Your Patient's Pain

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​The Art and Science of Kinesiology Taping

​Tape has been sown to reduce pain. positively affect fluid mechanics, improve posture and muscle function and speed recovery. That's a giant basket of good reasons. 

​Painful conditions conquered by IASTM

​Adding IASTM to your practice can ​treat fascial restrictions to help treat social tissue fibrosis, chronic inflammation and degeneration.

​The Science of Flossing

​Floss is a mobility tool for immediately improving joint movement, reducing soft-tissue stiffness, and allow allowing athletes to access their avaliable range of motion more easily. 

​And more!

​Everything you've wanted to know about tape and tools in one complete guide!

​Want to know more about sports chiropractic?

​DCs are such a natural fit for athletes’ needs for a number of relevant reasons. Learn more about how you can help them reach their full potential. 

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