One lucky winner will receive the Designs for Health Chiropractic Supplement Bundle, a retail value of $586 

Company Mission

Designs for Health is committed to delivering high quality nutritional supplements, education health care practitioners as to their optimal use, and providing practice development solutions supportive to health care practitioners.

High Quality

- Science-based formula design 

- Meticulous raw material and nutrient selection 

- Rigorous product testing

- GMP Certified manufacturing 

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Designs for Health

Supplement Bundle Giveaway

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Supplements Included

1) Whole Body Collagen

2) PurePaleo

3) Annatto-E GG

4) Vitamin D Supreme

5) Curcum-Evail

6) ProbioMed 100

7) Cannab-FS 600

8) Inflammatone

  • Research-backed collagen peptides for bone, joint + skin 
  • 150mg Delta / Gamma tocotrienols + 150mg geranylgeraniol
  • Bone broth protein
  • 500 IU -- With vitamin K1 + K2
  • Patented Formula for superior absorption 
  • 100B CFU shelf-stable, broad-spectrum probiotics
  • 600 mg of full spectrum phytocannabinoids per bottle
  • Supports healthy inflammatory response