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Chiropractic Economics ® 2021


Chiro CBD Starter Bundle – Retail Value $482

 3 Strengths of CBD Salve – regular, extra and maximum (500-1000 mg CBD)

3 strengths of CBD Lotion – regular, extra and maximum (500-2000 mg CBD)

This product giveaway will help you launch your chiropractic CBD treatments.  You can incorporate these high-potency topical CBD products into a variety of your regular treatments.  They also form the basis of a lucrative retail strategy for your practice.  

Practice Benefits

Incorporate the salves and lotions into treatments such as: Active Release Technique (ATR), Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM), Soft Tissue Manual Manipulation (STM), and routines for improving flexibility, mobility, and strength.

See your patients feel the effects of rapid relief to their conditions. Their word-of-mouth promotion of their successful treatment can increase patient referrals.

Boost the profitability of your practice further through additional manipulation charges or providing your patients with follow-up relief through your retail sales.

Patient Benefits

Provide patients with additional relief through self-treatment with the salve or lotion between visits.  This will help manage inflammation and accelerate collagen restructuring. Regular patient follow-up treatment will increase efficacy and keep your therapeutic interventions top of mind.

CBDHCC is the Leader in topicals with Soft Tissue Protocols such as ATR, IASTM, Manual, STM, Cupping Therapy, Acupressure and more.  Service and Educate your clients with CBDHCC Education and Training 

For all chiropractic protocols listed:

  • Apply during the treatment and at the end of the day. 
  • Application should follow treatments in between office visits – twice per day to the affected area.

The Natural Herbal Muscle Relief Lotion is used for muscle, joint and soft tissue activation.  The combination of MSM, Capsaicin, and CBD when applied 15 minutes prior to activity or chiropractic protocols enhances blood flow to the area, providing soothing warmth to improve range of motion and flexibility. 

The Natural Relief Salve provides deep penetration delivering CBD to the affected area post activity or for chronic treatment of injuries to reduce inflammation and deliver white blood cells for collagen restructuring and healing.  

CBDHCC mission is to provide Chiropractors the most effective topicals to support your advanced protocols for improving Flexibility, Mobility, Strength, Rehabilitation and Restoration - to patients of all ages. Our goal is support Chiropractors in restoring function, reducing pain and to educate their patients about the benefits of CBD Topicals with Chiropractic protocols.