October 1, 2010 — The FDA-approved TurboSonic line of whole body vibration (WBV) therapy systems is manufactured to offer low stress solutions for back pain sufferers who wish to remain physically fit.

Utilizing the “science of sound,” TurboSonic helps stimulate circulation, cellular activity, and muscle movement, all without the bending, twisting, and flexing typically associated with traditional exercises. Users simply need to stand for 10 minutes and allow sonic vibrations to do the work for them, making it a viable option for users of any fitness level. Since the TurboSonic is used in a standing position and takes up very little floor space, it is ideal for use in a clinical setting.

Designed for physical therapy and all around physical performance enhancement, the TurboSonic is designed to accelerate the body’s natural healing response, increase cellular oxygen circulation, enhance cellular nutrient uptake, stimulate cellular fluid movement and facilitate cellular waste. This process helps stimulate bones, muscles, blood vessels, and cells in a manner that promotes their rapid development and circulation, while reducing pain and stress levels.

The sonic vertical movement of the plate within the TurboSonic platform stimulates the body’s natural “stretch reflex,” causing the muscular system to instinctively stretch and contract at carrying rates between three and 60 times per second (3Hz to 60 Hz). This movement helps produce mechanical oscillations with an average cycle length of about 40 milliseconds, the time required to induce a natural monosynaptic stretching reflex in the respective muscle. The neuromuscular system reacts to this stimulation by a chain of rapid muscle contractions, which result in entire body vibration.

The TurboSonic sonic vibration therapy is developed for professional and personal use, with four models to choose from, including the X7, Professional, X5, and the Ovation. All models are available through distribution and online at www.turbosonicusa.com.

The TurboSonic is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class 1 Powered Exercise Equipment/Vibration Therapy Device and can be billed by licensed health practitioners for therapy sessions under CPT codes for procedures 97110, 97112, and 97530, registration number 3006540995.

Disclaimer: TurboSonic is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The benefits listed herein are based on independent studies, which reference years of research into (WBV) whole body vibration therapy and training, and those studies are independent of the TurboSonic technology and have not been evaluated by the FDA. TurboSonic may not have been licensed in accordance with Canadian law at this time.

Source: TurboSonic, www.turbosonicusa.com