shermanlogoDecember 18, 2013 — The Medical School of Southeast University (MSSEU) in China and Sherman College of Chiropractic, recently signed a cooperation agreement establishing an academic exchange program that allows select faculty members of each institution to visit one another, guest lecture, and participate in collaborative research.

Sherman Vice President for Academic Affairs Robert Irwin, DC, MSSEU Vice Dean for Research Dr. Jianqiong Zhang, and Vice Dean for Undergraduate Students Lixin Wang, PhD, signed the agreement Dec. 11.

“This is a wonderful way for faculty from both institutions to work together and learn from each other,” Sherman President Edwin Cordero, DC, said of the agreement. “I’m confident this agreement will complement our strengths in the study of the science, philosophy and art of chiropractic. We look forward to the collaborative work ahead, as well as sharing chiropractic with our colleagues across the globe.”

Dr. Fengshu Zhao, a visiting scholar from MSSEU, was also in attendance at the agreement signing. Zhao is completing a three-month stay at Sherman through the faculty exchange program. She has been working with Sherman’s Director of Research Pengju Luo, MD, PhD; faculty member Carolyn Best; and the rest of the basic science faculty in the areas of microbiology and parasitology, as well as lecturing and working with students.

MSSEU delegates will hold talks with Sherman’s faculty, staff, administrators, and student representatives to discuss cooperation opportunities of many common interests, potential student exchanges and more.

Sherman College continually works to establish academic agreements and pre-chiropractic programs with institutions across the nation and around the world to promote its doctor of chiropractic program and enrich faculty scholarship opportunities.

Source: Sherman College of Chiropractic