March 25, 2009 — Naturally, the Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic Alumni Association takes an interest in general campus happenings, but one project in particular recently caught the association’s interest — the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The association decided to support the project with a generous grant of $5,250, enough to help fund the first-year implementation of the QEP.

Alumni association Treasurer Claudia Seay, DC, presented Vice President for Institutional Advancement Susan Newlin with the check this week. The association made the gift in response to a grant proposal Newlin submitted. This is the second grant the college has received to support the QEP.

The Sherman College Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is titled “Case Study Instruction for Chiropractic Education” (CSI), and it uses case-based scenarios to enhance student learning. For students to be successful in critically evaluating information and ideas, thinking creatively, communicating effectively and solving real-world problems, the college’s educational environments should resemble the real-world situation in which those skills will be used. That, Newlin says, is the aim of the QEP.

The QEP’s focus on case study instruction can have important implications for student success on the standardized National Board Exams. The Quality Enhancement Plan literature review establishes the strong relationship that exists between critical thinking and real-world problem solving as well as the value of using case-based scenarios to improve these skills and to allow for the occurrence of transformational learning.

Source: Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic,