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Welcome to the Vibration Exercise Therapy Resource Center
Sponsored by WAVE Whole-Body Advanced Vibration Therapy, this resource center will provide you with news, articles, resources, and other information related to vibration therapy.

The vibration exercise therapy center will allow you to gain the knowledge to properly integrate vibration therapy within your practice, either as an effective modality or as a separate revenue source.

You will learn how to use vibration therapy as an effective modality, understand its benefits, learn how to attract a wider variety of patients, and see how it can be used to create a separate wellness and fitness revenue source.

The vibration exercise therapy center is the leader in vibration therapy integration. We offer chiropractors the ability to enhance their practice, create a separate revenue source, and offer their patients a timely and effective rehabilitation program.

Wave Webinar Series
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Guest Editorial: Report on the healthcare community discussion
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What Doctors of Chiropractic say about Wave
My practice is primarily based on treating chronic low back pain. What I found frustrating was the lack of an effective exercise program gentle enough that my patient population could do. I am ecstatic about how well my patients progress in strength, flexibility and pain reduction with the WAVE. With severe disc problems, it was difficult to provide conventional exercises. The WAVE is the only vibration product I recommend. The large surface area holds my heavier patients and it is extremely easy and comfortable to use. The WAVE should be an integral part of any health professional's program that involves rehabilitation."
Dr. Craig Schisler

"We have a unique selling proposition because of the WAVE. It has allowed me to improve the quality of care in a very dramatic way for my Patients. The WAVE is effective, unique, and works fast."
Dr. Karl Johnson

* The Wave logo and brand are trademark of Wave Manufacturing

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