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Build the best staff possible and maximize their effectiveness immediately. The Toolbox turns you into a staffing and employee relations expert. The 5-part Toolbox allows you to master:

Perfect the art of FINDING, HIRING and KEEPING the best staff.
staffing and employee relations checkPost effective job ads.
staffing and employee relations checkQuickly screen applicants to find your ideal candidates
staffing and employee relations checkSimplify and improve your interview process.
staffing and employee relations checkEasily create a custom Individual Development Plan for each staff member.
staffing and employee relations checkQuickly and accurately evaluate your staff's performance.

Staffing and Employee Relations Feature Products

Chiropractic Competency Toolbox:

A collection of customizable documents and tools to help you complete the time-consuming Human Resources (HR) tasks critical to having superior chiropractic office staff. Includes a 3-part Hiring Tool, the Staff Development Tool and the Staff Evaluation Tool.

Chiropractic Staff Screening Tool:

A comprehensive online exam that tests an applicant's knowledge, skills, work ethic, and ethical standards before you call them for an interview. Created specifically for chiropractic practices and designed to save you time and effort.

Chiropractic Hiring Guide:

Easy to follow guidance, sample forms and correspondence designed specifically for the chiropractic office are presented in electronic book format. This resource can be used independently or in conjunction with the Competency Toolbox and Screening Tool.

Ask a Human Resources Professional



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