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Welcome to the Lasers Resource Center Sponsored by Erchonia Welcome to the Lasers Resource Center
Welcome to the Laser resource center, sponsored by Erchonia. Here you can find the latest news, info, updates and exclusives relating to lasers and the chiropractic profession.

The Laser resource center will keep up to date and help- you integrate Lasers into you practice effectively.

Erchonia is committed to advancing the emerging technology of Low Level Laser Therapy through validation by scientific and clinical research.

Erchonia maintains quality standards for Lasers by operating as 85 percent self-reliant; performing research, development, fabrication of components and assembly of finished goods in-house, allowing DCs piece of mind and a partner in practice development.
Low level laser effects on simulated orthodontic tension side periodontal ligament cells
This recent low level laser therapy study details the observations made on proliferation, inflammation, and osteogenic effects on periodontal ligament cells. ... Read on
Effect of 808 nm low level laser therapy in exercise-induced skeletal muscle fatigue in elderly women
Low level laser therapy for musculoskeletal function and fatigue in elderly women may induce more positive outcomes for patients. Read more on this study here. ... Read on
Low level laser therapy regulates microglial function through Src-mediated signaling pathways: implications for neurodegenerative diseases
Find out about how low level laser therapy prove viable approach in controlling the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. ... Read on
Low level laser therapy for shoulder pain: part 1
Explore the role of low level laser therapy for shoulder pain in a chiropractic practice. ... Read on
Low level laser therapy effectiveness in delayed wound healing
Low level laser therapy has been shown as an effective modality for delayed wound healing and shows potential for treating various skin diseases. ... Read on
PL 5000
The PL5000 is a variable frequency, four diode laser that is encased in a custom designed, aircraft quality aluminum housing to resist the rigors ... Learn More
The Erchonia DermaLASER™ is a low-level, or cold, laser that works by killing the bacteria P. Acnes that causes acne. Unlike current acne-laser treatments ... Learn More
Base Station™
Not only was Erchonia the first Low Level Laser to receive 510(k) market clearance from the FDA for Chronic Pain, Laser Assisted Liposuction, and now the treatment of ... Learn More
Low level laser therapy has been under study since the 1960s. Learn more about its potential applications ... Read on
Learn more about the standards and qualifications for using low level laser therapy in your chiropractic practice, ... Read on
A clinical trial examines low level laser therapy and ultrasound therapy for subacromial impingement. The findings suggest ... Read on
Erchonia Laser Healthcare announces its 2013 Erchonia Demo program. ... Read on
Scientists observe low level laser therapy effects on rotator cuff tendinitis in this study. Combined with physiotherapy, ... Read on
Researchers reviewed low intensity laser therapy and bone healing case studies in depth, concluding that LLLT may ... Read on
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