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This resource center, sponsored by Sigma Instruments, is your one stop for information about chiropractic research, adjusting instruments, marketing tools, technique systems, and continuing education and training.

Sigma Instruments along with Sigma Methods, the global leaders in instrument based chiropractic assessment and adjusting, have dedicated themselves to aligning technology with wellness to promote improved health worldwide. The complete line of Sigma devices has revolutionized the manner in which doctors treat patients. These advancements have literally touched the lives of millions - with 1.6 million patients per month being treated with their technology.
Instrument Adusting News

A feasibility study and the thoracolumbar spine
This feasibility study examines the effe...

What is FDA approval for a medical device?
Getting the FDA stamp of approval for a ...

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Advanced Neurological Uses & Protocols
Dave Salanki, DC
Dave Salanki, DC
How to easily evaluate any chiropractic instrument or instrument-based approach in less than 5 minutes
The use of devices and instruments to assist in delivery of ...Read More

Instrument Adjusting Articles

IASTM coupled with manipulative therapy may provide relief from plantar fasciitis
DCs with the knowledge and resources to provide treatments through multiple modalities may well be a...

DCs may benefit from using instruments when administering trigger point therapy
As with several other types of treatments, using instruments to help treat patients with trigger poi...

Analyzing the results: Computer-assisted adjustments
Technological advancements mean that DCs can gather far more detailed information, and computer-assi...

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A1 - Introduction to SIGMA Computer Instrument Adjusting: Fundamentals for Safe and Accurate Integration Into Your Practice

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