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ECLIPSE is a CCHIT certified Complete EHR in accordance with ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 guidelines and is used by over 6,500 chiropractic practices across the United States. ECLIPSE includes billing, scheduling, EHR (electronic health record), daily notes, an extensive alerts system, certified HIPAA compliant electronic claims and remittance, security features that include patient data access tracking to help you run a HIPAA compliant facility, and a myriad of reports fine-tuned by two decades of client feedback. Click on any blue underlined text below to view specific information.

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Auditors Are Actively Looking For Documentation Shortcuts

Technology can make clinical documentation faster & more efficient. But beware the temptation – even when the means are at hand – to take these time saving ideals too far. There may be consequences.

ICD-10: What you need to know now…

I decided it was time to discuss ICD-10 after Karen attended a seminar on the subject this past weekend and one of the tidbits they provided seemed incorrect.

Who sees 10,000 patients per month with ECLIPSE?

The internet is filled with testimonials that rave about the “best chiropractic software.” Doctors tell you how much they love certain features and perhaps how busy they are…

Practice Management Software News & Articles

EHR system staff training ideas

Developing EHR system staff training should not be overlooked. A good training plan is a vital step to a smooth transition to and getting the most out of your new EHR system.

Start a practice management checklist

A practice management checklist may be the beginning of a larger business plan and help get your practice off on the right foot or back on the right track.

EHR case studies

A great way to find new ideas for your own practice is to consider what professionals outside the chiropractic specialty are doing that works well. Managing a healthcare practice of any kind has common factors such as workflow, care coordination, and patient engagement. Electronic health records (EHR) can have an impact on many parts of the practice management puzzle, regardless of the expertise.

EHR software requirements and considerations

Electronic health records (EHR) software ranges in complexity, from systems that perform discrete functions to those that help manage everything from patient sign-in to billing.

Making moments count with an EHR system

When you switch from traditional, paper documentation to an electronic health records (EHR) system in your practice, you aim to improve work flow, minimize required work space, or even take advantage of government incentives. But one often overlooked or unexpected benefit is improved efficiencies, which often equate to cost savings.

Review session: 3 stages of meaningful use

Meaningful use is divided into three stages, and each is determined by the length of time an eligible professional has been using a certified EHR. The first year an EHR is implemented, the objectives for meaningful use are different than they will be during the second year, and so on.

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Software Tips & Best Practices

documentation_logoDocumentation Central – Eclipse has released the new version of our Documentation. Our clients wanted an all-inclusive package and we delivered. You don’t need to spend thousands of additional dollars and months on implementation just to document patient encounters.
There is no setup of S.O.A.P. Templates yet they are customizable and included with the program at no additional cost! Call to schedule an online demonstration.

document_automation_logoECLIPSE takes you beyond document management and opens the door to Document Automation. Import forms that you routinely fill out & add patient information anywhere you want on the form to help ease & automate your paperwork load. Then, simply print the form! You can partially or fully automate a variety of required forms in this manner. Document management may keep your filing cabinet lean & mean (and we do that too) but document automation helps you avoid mistakes and the resulting reimbursement delays.

paperless_office_logoThink of all the items that make their way into your patient charts… from handwritten notes and encounter forms to lab results and insurance cards. Our Electronic Health Record helps you to keep it all in one place. ECLIPSE can help you implement a Paperless Office in a variety of ways.

alerts_logoWhether your office runs on a single computer at one location or encompasses 70 workstations at 10 sites, it’s tough to remember every detail when you’re constantly besieged from all sides. Our Alerts System helps keep your office running smoothly because critical issues don’t fall through the cracks.

appointment_scheduler_logoScheduling? For years, other companies have tried to license our Appointment Scheduler to integrate into their own products while your colleagues have begged us to sell it as a stand alone product.

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