December 19, 2012 — PerformTex Products LLC providers of the patented, twin grooved, adhesive technology line of kinesiology tapes announced the signing of BMLbasic as a distributor of the PerformTex line of products.

“BML Basic has been distributing kinesiology tape for over 5 years, and after seeing PerformTex’s ad in the most recent issue of Chiropractic Economics, it was obvious that we had to offer PerformTex Tape,” states Josh Stroud, purchasing manager.  “With the advancements in technology, a modern eye-catching product, and not to mention the best pricing in the market, just like six out of 10 of practitioners, we also had to make a switch,” continues Stroud.

“We are proud to welcome BMLbasic to our distribution network, as they exemplify our values and beliefs when it comes to customer service, support and value on a day in and day out basis,” says Marketing Director of PerformTex, John Jarvis. “In the short time since our working relationship began, I can honestly say that they are team that PerformTex will stand behind fully because of their business philosophy and principles.”

BMLbasic was established in 1968, and specializes in the manufacturing of foot orthotics to serve the chiropractic industry whose patients have short leg deficiencies. Since that time, BMLbasic has become a wholesale distributor not only to the chiropractic, but also the massage, spa, and physical therapy industries for the entire U.S.

Source: PerformTex Products LLC,