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The benefits of grape seed extract

One of the most consumed fruits in the world, grapes have been around from more than 6,000 years. They were even used in ancient Egypt to treat asthma. Grape seed extract is made by crushing the seeds from grape plants. When ingested, it increases the levels of antioxidants in the body, which destroy free radicals.

3 natural catalysts for summer weight loss results

Many people are looking at the best means to get in shape for warmer temperatures. Recent research has pointed toward extracts of the Garcinia cambogia fruit, green coffee beans, and raspberry ketones as having the potential to produce excellent weight loss results.

The benefits of chia seed oil extract

When you hear the word “chia,” the first thing that might come to mind are those clay figurines that sprout grass “hair” when watered. But nowadays chia has come to represent something entirely different. These tiny seeds and their oil extract pack a big punch when it comes to health and nutrition.

Recommending the best supplements for athletes

Supplements can help increase endurance, speed, power and even strength in athletes. Although there are many different supplement out there for athletes, here are six that can help improve performance.

Helping your patients stay safe with supplements

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) reported that 68 percent of adults in the U.S. were taking dietary supplements, including multivitamins, fish oil, calcium and vitamins C and D.While supplements can offer many benefits, the potential for negative interactions should also be considered and noted so that you can properly advise your patients.

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High-Potency Manganese Formula Nutritionally supports repair of damaged and weakened ligaments.
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Marine Lipid Concentrate A Natural Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acodes
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Helps promote cartilage regeneration and healthy joints*
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Nutritionally supports a Healthy Neurovascular system*
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