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Meta-analysis shows instrument adjustments can alleviate acute or chronic low back pain
While further, larger studies should be conducted to verify these results, there is evidence that instrument assisted adjustments can alleviate acute or chronic low back pain.
Keep your practice's data secure
You’ve seen the news stories—major retailers’ credit card systems getting hacked, famous email accounts getting hacked, personal photos being shared—data security breaches happen every day. You also know that HIPAA and HITECH require security measures regarding patient records. But is your practice really at risk? And are there specific ways to protect yourself and your patients?
LLLT not recommended during pregnancy
LLLT is not yet fully understood, and until it is, there could be risks to using it as a treatment on pregnant women.
Recognizing and managing iron deficiency anemia
When a person does not have enough iron, which is an essential mineral found in the body, he or she may develop iron deficiency anemia.
IASTM coupled with manipulative therapy may provide relief from plantar fasciitis
DCs with the knowledge and resources to provide treatments through multiple modalities may well be able to provide successful treatment to patients suffering from plantar fasciitis.
Researchers exploring use of probiotics to treat ulcers
A group of researchers from Spain found a potential probiotic bacteria that may be more effective than antibiotics against infection from H. pylori.
Drop table for herniation
A drop table is a tool that allows a chiropractor to adjust your spinal column by using gravity to easily put it back into place versus having to apply a lot of force.
How are foot orthotics made?
Custom foot orthotics are essential to correcting biomechanical and structural foot issues—they can help relieve discomfort and pain while solving the problem that is creating it to begin with.
ACA releases 2nd edition ICD-10 Toolkit featuring updated resources
To ensure that the chiropractic profession is prepared for and understands ICD-10, ACA has updated its·online ICD-10 resources, featuring a 2nd edition ICD-10 Toolkit with a Mapping Tool that simplifies the conversion of diagnosis codes from ICD-9 to ICD-10.
Educating and marketing to new patients
How can DCs best market to patients who are brand new to the chiropractic experience and lifestyle?
Get paid for your services: In-network vs. out-of-network billing
You can choose on a company-by-company basis whether or not you want to be in-network or out-of-network. facebook
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