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Ease neck pain with light from lasers
Studies have shown that LLLT can be beneficial for musculoskeletal conditions associated with neck pain, especially for patients whose pain is chronic and not due to a serious pathology.
Omega-3 fatty acids important for heart, overall health
Whether you're enjoying grilled salmon a few nights a week or taking a supplement every morning, consider the benefits of having a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.
Probiotics may help combat the common cold
Cold prevention is a prime area where DCs can be of great benefit to their patients by recommending safe, effective treatments to combat illness.
Investing in instruments also requires an investment in training
Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the instrument, knowledge is the key to using it to effectively treat patients.
F4CP commends The Joint Commission for revising standard to include non-pharmacologic methods in care, treatment, and services for pain management
The F4CP applauded The Joint Commission for revising its pain management standard, which states that pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic methods, including chiropractic care, both have a role in pain management.
5 easy tips to keep your feet moving strong
To keep your feet healthy and feeling great, here are five basic foot care tips that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.
Should you replace or refurbish your chiropractic table?
Consider these factors before deciding whether to replace or refurbish your chiropractic table.
Which instrument is best for you? Manual versus power-assisted adjusting tools
There are a number of details that must be considered when choosing an adjusting instrument, but perhaps the most important factor is whether to use a power-assisted adjusting tool or a manual, spring-loaded tool.
News Updates: ICD-10, Meaningful Use, and HIPAA
Here’s a quick run-down of current news on ICD-10, meaningful use, and HIPAA.
7 supplements to help relieve constipation naturally
If you're looking to find relief from constipation naturally, talk to your doctor about the these seven supplements, vitamins, and minerals.
More research needed to determine LLLTs effect on range of motion
Researchers continues to explore whether LLLT can improve range of motion. facebook
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