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What is ONC-ATCB certification?
An EHR system that has been ONC-ATCB certified has been thoroughly tested and approved to store and maintain patient health information and to do so securely
Help your patients adapt to adaptogen supplements
Smart DCs recognize that unless patients are treated for more generalized, underlying health issues, they may not fully recover
Relieve inflammation the natural way
Research has shown that these 5 nutrients are among the top substances that can help boost your body's anti-inflammatory potential
Add handheld instruments to your chiropractic toolkit
While the manual adjustment has long been the basis of chiropractic, there are now a number of hand-held adjusting or massage tools that can greatly improve quality of care
Should you add laser therapy to your service menu?
Lasers can add a great deal to a DC's toolkit for treating patients. However, it is important to understand and follow all recommended protocols
Mainstream treatments for common knee conditions
Some of the most common knee pain issues include osteoarthritis in elderly patients and tears or ruptures of the soft tissues in athletes.
Lasers for wound therapy
More and more, chiropractors are expanding services in order to grow. Many chiropractors are now offering massage, acupuncture and nutrition therapies. Laser therapy is one of the more recent, high-tech, of these services. Not only can lasers be used for musculoskeletal pain and inflammation management, but they can also be used to help heal various wounds and abrasions.
Diagnostic imaging for chiropractors
Diagnostic imaging may be a useful tool for your chiropractic practice. Learn more about how this tool can help you, your patients, and more.
Prevention vs. corrective: Use foot orthotics before and after injury
When it comes to your own personal health and wellness, it can be approached from two different avenues
Treating geriatric patients on chiropractic tables
Special considerations should be made when treating geriatric patients.
A balancing act: Consumer control and EHR security
The balance between patient choice and provider responsibility when it comes to personal data can be difficult to maintain. facebook
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