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EHR incentives and your practice
Often, it seems that HIPAA, audits, EHRs, ICD-9 and 10, and reimbursements all end up together in one big pile. Although each item is related, they are pretty different.
Researchers find alpha-lipoic acid can lower blood sugar, helps those with Type 2 diabetes
Researchers have been searching for new ways to help those with the diabetes for years, and some studies have found that certain supplements, such as alpha-lipoic acid, can make an impact.
Fix posture problems with education and adjustments
DCs often find themselves educating, demonstrating, and teaching patients exercises to strengthen weak muscles and correct poor posture.
4 common repetitive strain injuries foot orthotics can help
Foot orthotics can often help you deal with the pain associated with some of the most common repetitive strain injuries.
Using a drop table can offer lumbar plexus disorder pain relief
One extremely valuable treatment method that many chiropractors use for lumbar plexus disorders involves a drop table.
Stay informed: Important acronyms you need to know
These are just a few of the many acronyms that DCs encounter on a regular basis. A thorough understanding of both what the codes mean, as well as how a practice can be impacted by them, is vital to running a healthy business.
Benefits of instrument adjusting for new patients
There is a plethora of patients looking at CAM to help them stay healthy, and instrument adjusting can be a vital part of working with these patients.
Remedies without retaliation
With the implementation of the patient protection and Affordable Care Act, chiropractors are being pressed to wrestle with third-party payers like never before. For that reason, itís even more important that they recover every reimbursement dollar possible. Here are a few tips to navigate the challenges of getting paid
Shifting gears
Whether youíre just starting out, working as an associate, or have become a veteran in the industry, itís never too soon to prepare for retirement. Consider these questions when developing your long-term retirement plan
Lock-up shop
The security of patients' electronic health information falls on you. The proliferation of electronic health records has placed enormous responsibility on chiropractors to ensure that the sensitive data they work with is kept safe from unauthorized parties
Radical idea: Everything you need to know about antioxidants
The Tin Man of Oz had quite a problem with rust, at least until Dorothy came along with an oil can and saved him. As we age, we also need to deal with rust, or oxidation, as the chemists call it. The oil can for human oxidation, which takes place at the cellular level, consists of compounds known as antioxidants
Case analysis
When a new personal injury (PI) patient calls your office for an appointment, it can be an exciting event. However, after the initial smiles and high fives are over, you ultimately must determine if this new PI case is a good one and if you will be paid facebook
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