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Get the good guys on your team to boost immunity
Here's the skinny on a handful of antioxidants that are tops for immune health.
Protect your practice from social engineering attacks
When a criminal manipulates a person in order to learn confidential information, it is social engineering—and that can pose a legitimate threat to your practice.
Don't run yourself ragged: Foot orthotics help relieve, prevent common issues for runners
Runners who use foot orthotics may fare better when it comes to preventing injuries to the feet, ankles, and knees
Will power
If not for yourself, prepare a living will for the sake of your loved ones. The goal should be to maximize the passing of assets to heirs, minimizing estate taxes, making charitable bequests, and having your final wishes honored
Life coaching
Chiropractors, many of whom already believe in a holistic approach to health, are in an ideal position to take on the role of wellness coaches for their patients
Stick to it
If you understand how to use K-tape and exercise post-manipulation, you'll optimize your ability to get better outcomes. In addition to stimulating the central nervous system with manipulation, taping and exercising the area after manipulation can provide sustainable stabilization benefits
Better than force
When a patient needs to change an ingrained behavior, you can indicate the healthier course of action, but approached the wrong way all you're doing is starting a tug-of-war
Drop table treatments found to provide relief for patients with sciatica
Drop tables offer health professionals a non-invasive, less forceful solution to treating patients suffering from sciatica.
Plan ahead, dont speed the learning process, and get to know your new EHR system
Purchasing, learning, and implementing a new EHR system may seem like an impossible task in light of your busy schedule
Collegiate collaboration: Universities partner to treat student athletes
Logan University and the University of Missouri have partnered to provide more healthcare for Mizzou's student-athletes and give Logan students a deeper clinical experience facebook
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