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Radical idea: Everything you need to know about antioxidants
The Tin Man of Oz had quite a problem with rust, at least until Dorothy came along with an oil can and saved him. As we age, we also need to deal with rust, or oxidation, as the chemists call it. The oil can for human oxidation, which takes place at the cellular level, consists of compounds known as antioxidants
Crisis is opportunity
Without periodic reflection and reassessment, in this fast-moving world you run the risk of having sales fall without even knowing why. Conversely, taking stock of your practice can provide focus and direction that will propel you in wondrous ways
Laser therapy may be a treatment option for postherpetic neuralgia
Some practitioners are now exploring the use of LLLT to relieve the pain of patients with postherpetic neuralgia, which is a complication of herpes zoster, commonly known as shingles.
What are peptic ulcers, and how can probiotics help?
Patients who seek the advice of DCs on treatment of peptic ulcers should consider not only changing some of their lifestyle and diet habits, but also adding probiotics as a regular part of their nutritional supplement regimen.
Similarities and differences between automatic and manual flexion tables
The decision to invest in a flexion table should be undertaken with as much consideration as any capital investment. Making sure that you have chosen the best fit for your patients, yourself, and your practice is important.
Instrument adjusting for common ankle injuries
Research shows ankle pain can not only be reduced through instrument adjusting, but recurrences may even be reduced or eliminated altogether.
Laser therapy and carpal tunnel syndrome
Scientists are currently studying the effectiveness of low level laser therapy to treat patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. facebook
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