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Chiropractic News

June 2010

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High speed chiropractic connection

Dr. Mike Smith based in Florida and Dr. John Gleddie of Toronto, Canada love being in the world of high speed, high-tech motorsports. The two teamed up in early 2000’s after practicing for over a combined 50 years in chiropractic. On any given weekend, or even weekday, the pair can be found trackside at some of the biggest and best known racing venues.
At a recent event in Florida the pair were utilizing the latest technology to treat drivers, crew and employees of some of the elite racing teams in the country. With names like Acura, Ferrari, Porsche and Mazda you need to be ready to move fast.
Dr. Smith and Dr. Gleddie travel the venue with table, Impulse iQ® and even a digital motion x-ray unit by DMX. Joined by their friend Dr. John Postelwaite of DMX the team can analyze and treat when needed at high speed.
Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX®) uses advanced technology to detect ligament injuries that could never be seen before because of the lack of motion. Static x-rays, MRI and CT commonly miss injuries because you don’t or can’t move for the exam. Digital motion x-ray is just the opposite. It can find injuries that are evident only when you move. If your pain increases with movement, common sense tells you that your injuries should be examined “in motion.” If you are in pain after an accident and no one can tell you why, digital motion x-ray may hold the answer you are looking for. The doctors test the drivers in a special Sparco seat to test their HANS device (head and neck support). They check for instability while the equipment is on. Another plus is the fact that now being known and seeing the great results the pair is allowed in the infield medical centers. 
The other compliment to the high-tech equipment they use is the Impulse iQ® built by Neuromechanical Innovations of Chandler, Arizona. The
instrument allows them to adjust 100 times faster than manual methods. 
The doctors arrive at a team trailer, setup their table, plug in and are ready to adjust. 
 Impulse iQ® was designed to monitor the patient’s biomechanical response during the adjustment and subsequently vary the frequency of adjustments in real-time based on the patient’s response.  To assist the clinician in determining when the adjustment has been accomplished, “maximized mobility” is sensed within the patented Impulse IQ® computer algorithm by examining the peak-to-peak acceleration responses of the spine during the adjustment.  With this technology, the spine’s mobility can be examined and stopped when the motion has been maximized, preventing so-called “over-adjusting.” Because these features make Impulse Adjusting Instrument® intelligent, iQ was added to the name.  It’s intelli-adjust™ sensing ability is termed auto-sense™ technology. With the NEW LED functionality you can now Feel-Hear-See the adjustment in real time!
The doctors love the instrument, the drivers and fans love the results. They adjust all facets of the body from spine to extremities. How sore can your elbow get from gear shifting all day? 
The word about the great results is spreading.  Dr. Smith said, “I would recommend the iQ® to any chiropractor. It’s mobile, functional, easy to use and gets great results.” 
The members and staff of the Patron Racing Team support the use of all this high-tech equipment and why not....look at the advanced technology of the cars!
Dr. Smith and Dr. Gleddie have crossed over into NASCAR and adjusted drivers like Juan Pablo Montoya and Jamie McMurray, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon. Both doctors are excited about meeting again in Daytona over July 4th weekend when Prototype, Indy and NASCAR drivers will congregate. 
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