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Chiropractic News

June 2010

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NRG Laser System provides tune-up for the immune system

June 23, 2010 — NRG Laser Inc. announced the launch of their new immune enhancement system, which strengthens and rebuilds the body’s immune system so optimal health is achieved.

“We’re only as healthy as our immune system allows,” says Dale Hanson, DC, an NRG Immune Enhancement System practitioner. “If our immune system is clogged up, we need to restore the system so that we do not become susceptible to illness and disease.”

The immune system becomes worn down through constant exposure to stressors that occur in everyday life. From the psychological stresses of work, relationships, and lack of sleep, to the environmental stresses such as chemicals and pollutants, these stressors often lead to symptoms and illness.

“Just like a car needs regular maintenance to keep running smoothly, so do our bodies,” says Hanson. “Our patients come into our clinic and we give them a free 100-point inspection that provides them with a complete scan of their immune system and how their body reacts to over 100 different stressors.

“We then provide them with a maintenance plan where we re-calibrate their immune

system so that they no longer experience any symptoms and can maintain optimal health.”

The NRG program is very effective in creating and maintaining long-term patient care as patients return for their regular checkups.

The NRG Immune Enhancement System includes an FDA-cleared biofeedback device that provides the feedback necessary to properly analyze the body’s energy levels when exposed to various elements.

Measurement parameters have been established through scientific research to determine normal energy levels during exposure to each element. Any measurement readings that fall outside of these parameters may indicate a possible hazard or stress to the immune system. The proprietary NRG database contains more than 100,000 items that can be tested.

Once these measurements are recorded, the NRG Corrective Laser is used to “service the chassis.” The laser transfers energy impulses through points on the head, hands and feet acting as a direct stimulus to the central nervous system. Effectively, the corrective laser introduces a “file” to the body that acts much like a computer anti-virus and defragmentation program, correcting any errors in the immune system function.

Patients have reported relief from all types of ailments including allergies, digestive issues, insomnia, recurring colds, depression, migraines and even more serious conditions. An increase in energy has been reported as the only side effect to date. The NRG Immune Enhancement System is completely non-invasive, without the need for shots or medication, and is safe for adults and children of all ages.

Source: NRG Laser Inc.,   

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