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Chiropractic News

March 2009

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F4CP receives unprecedented financial support from chiropractic colleges

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) announced it has received more than $127,600 from various chiropractic colleges and universities throughout the United States, Canada, and New Zealand — all members of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC).

“This support comes not only as a fiscal donation, but also represents the first time that 100 percent of an organization (ACC) and its numerous education institutions are coming together in support of the Foundation,” said Kent S. Greenawalt, president of the Foundation. “We are grateful to them for making this donation, a momentous turning point in the Foundation’s history and the history of chiropractic.”

Generous contributions, including from New Zealand Chiropractic College and Canadian Memorial, were recorded following a presentation to the ACC by Greenawalt.

Pledges from college presidents

• Mark Zeigler, DC, president, Northwestern Health Sciences University pledged $25,000. Already contributed $30,000.

• George Goodman, DC, president, Logan College of Chiropractic pledged $15,000. Previously contributed $10,000.

• Bill Meeker, DC, president, Palmer College of Chiropractic West pledged on behalf of Palmer Colleges $10,300. Already contributed $12,500 and pledged an additional $18,000 over the next three years.

• Ron Kraft, DC, president of Southern California University of Health Sciences pledged $10,200.

• Gerry Clum, DC, president, Life West College of Chiropractic pledged $10,100.

• Fabrizio Mancini, DC, president, Parker College of Chiropractic pledged $10,000. Previously contributed $25,000.

• Carl Cleveland III, DC, president, Cleveland College of Chiropractic pledged $10,000. Previously contributed $2,000.

• Frank Nicchi, DC, president, New York College of Chiropractic pledged $10,000. Previously contributed $1,000.

• Richard Brassard, DC, president, Texas College of Chiropractic pledged $6,000. Previously contributed $5,000.

• Jon Schwartzbauer, DC, president, Sherman College of Chiropractic pledged $6,000. Previously contributed $200.

• Jim Winterstein, DC, president of National University of Health

Sciences pledged $6,000.

• Brian Kelly, DC, president of New Zealand College of Chiropractic pledged $6,000.

• Jean Moss, DC, president, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College pledged $3,000.

* Dr Guy Reikman, president of Life University wasn’t in attendance; however, his institution has over the last 10 months contributed $10,000 to the Foundation.

Continued campaign

The Foundation continues to promote the chiropractic profession through a strong public relations plan including monthly public service announcements, press releases, and advertorials. The Foundation has acquired NFL Super Bowl champion, Jerry Rice, as its spokesperson. Rice’s image is included in the Foundation’s national advertising campaign.

“This is a profession-wide campaign with no boundaries of individual philosophy, organizational membership, or personal difference,” says Carl Cleveland III, DC, president, Cleveland College of Chiropractic and president of the ACC. “This is our opportunity to bring the image of this profession in line with the reality of today’s chiropractic practice.”

“Supporting the Foundation was the right thing to do,” says Mark Zeigler, DC, president of Northwestern Health Sciences University. “We are setting an example for our collective student bodies, and we are confident that the Foundation, which has gained a tremendous amount of press for the profession, will continue to drive positive press for chiropractic.”

Every dollar donated to this effort goes directly into the advertising and public relations campaign. This has been made possible by a separate donation by Foot Levelers Inc. to cover overhead costs and by CPR Communications, a public relations firm working pro-bono for the Foundation.

The Foundation has executed the longest, continuous public relations campaign in the history of the profession. Chiropractors and other professional stakeholders are encouraged to join the Foundation. Pledges and/or contributions to the Foundation can be made at or mailed to PO Box 560, Carmichael, CA 95609-0560.

Source: Foundation for Chiropractic Progress,


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