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July 2008

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Chiropractic Marketing Made Easy with ChiroHosting.com

Olympia, WA (PRWEB) July 7, 2008 -- Having a web presence is a necessity for today's chiropractic practice. Studies show that 80% of Americans use the web for health research, and chiropractors need to take advantage of this effective way to reach patients. ChiroHosting.com has announced some new services that turn chiropractic websites (http://www.chirohosting.com) into a powerful marketing tool.

"There are two key components of our new service," says Michael Melton, President of ChiroHosting. "We provide over 70 minutes of professional videos that are perfect for patient education, and we have a database of 354 articles that are a good way to educate attorneys and medical doctors about the benefits of chiropractic."

Another key part of our service are our chiropractic newsletters (http://www.chirohosting.com/newsletter.php). Each month, we provide free email newsletters that can be targeted to patients, lawyers, or doctors."

The videos included on the complete chiropractic website service cover such topics as auto injuries, whiplash, workplace injuries, and brain injury.

The newsletters

cover a range of topics each month: the latest science of auto injuries for our attorney newsletter; the current literature on back pain and chiropractic for our medical doctor newsletter; and more general health topics for our patient newsletter.

"Video is a superior and proven way to educate people, and it is the focus of what we do. We are currently producing new videos on how chiropractic works, and chiropractic and back pain," says Melton.

The complete chiropractic website service includes all of the professional videos and articles, unlimited custom pages, email, a chiropractic blog, search engine optimization, and free Google AdWords.

"We've put together a great, attractive package that will make chiropractic marketing (http://www.chirohosting.com/chiropractic-marketing/) much easier and affordable for every chiropractor."

Melton, the author of The Complete Guide to Whiplash, has been educating people about chiropractic since 1993.

ChiroHosting.com was started in 1999, and was one of the first chiropractic website companies. They can be reached at www.chirohosting.com or (800) 295-3346.

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