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Chiropractic News

February 2013

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Rancho Physical Therapy, Nautilus Commercial Fitness open new QUICKfit center

February 3, 2013 — Rancho Physical Therapy, part of the Optimis physical therapy group, has joined forces with Med-Fit Systems Inc., manufacturer of Nautilus commercial fitness products, to open a new hybrid private practice/rehabilitation and fitness center in Palm Desert, Calif.

The Nautilus QUICKfit system, an integral part of the facility’s program, provides a much needed link in the healthcare continuum for discharged physical therapy patients, older people, special needs individuals, and neophyte exercisers who have felt out of place in the typical health club.

“Physical therapists and their staffs have the expertise and education to properly dose exercise to this largely underserved population” stated Dean Sbragia, CEO of Med-Fit Systems. “And the QUICKfit program, designed by leading exercise physiologists and rehabilitation professionals, is dosed through the QUICKfit app, available through the Apple App Store. This program provides a progressive, goal oriented system that safely prompts the exerciser to continuous improvement.”

Sbragia added, “In addition to having the biggest presence of any strength manufacturer in commercial fitness, Nautilus has great success in the long term care and senior living space, with well over 1000 installations and millions of resident and patient exercise

sessions- all without reported injury and with proven cost of care reduction and health care benefits.”

Rancho Physical Therapy provided more than 230,000 visits last year in its 21 southern California-based offices. They strongly encourage these patients to continue exercising — either through home programs or in a safe and supervised facility that can create lasting changes in patients’ lives.

“The discharge interview provides us an opportunity to discuss the benefits of a lifestyle change to our patients, including participation in our Nautilus QUICKfit program, nutritional counseling, body composition analysis and balance training to help prevent falls.  We know that if we keep our patients engaged and active in their own health program they will continue to be members in this environment. They tend to be loyal if they return as patients but in general enjoy a much more active and satisfying life," added Bill Atkins PT, OCS, CSCS, founder and President of Rancho Physical Therapy.

John Waite, DPT and COO of Rancho PT remarked, “This model also provides the private practice physical therapist an opportunity to grow their third party and cash based practice, utilizing their existing facilities and staff. Our proprietary Optimis software suite facilitates the process.”

Source: Med-Fit Systems Inc.,

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