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June 2006

WCA forms anti-defamation campaign

The World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA) has formed a chiropractic anti-defamation campaign and is seeking financial support from all chiropractors.

According to Terry Rondberg, DC, WCA president, the campaign pledges to:

• Counter negative publicity and educate the public about the safety of chiropractic;

• Discredit groups that attack chiropractic (such as Quackbusters), by publicizing the cases they have lost in court and their questionable credentials;

• Force the removal of advertisements (such as the Bridgeport, Ct., ad on buses) by proving in court if necessary that the content is false and libelous;

• Develop an emergency response team of chiropractors around the world who will mobilize to act against defamatory acts against chiropractic, using materials provided by the WCA.

The WCA is challenging the Bridgeport, Ct., transportation authority to remove the “Injured by a chiropractor?” ad on its buses. The ads are sponsored by the Chiropractic Stroke Victims Awareness Group. “We’ve hired Carlos Negrete, the only lawyer to take Stephen Barrett [who runs the Quackbusters Web site] to court five times — and win each time,” said Rondberg in an e-mail.

Chiropractors who wish to contribute to the anti-defamation fund can do so online at the secure Web site,

Source: World Chiropractic Alliance,

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