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August 2006

Sherman College launches LPMI

Sherman College has launched a program, entitled the “Leadership and Practice Management Institute” for the purpose of building leaders in the chiropractic profession.

“When we look at the profession, we see great leadership ability and potential,” says Jon Schwartzbauer, DC, who was named Sherman College’s Leadership and Practice Management Institute (LPMI) director earlier this year. “We want to create and promote a culture of ever-improving leadership. One of the basic ideas of the program is to put the idea of everyone being a leader in front of our colleagues. We want to provide the opportunity for everyone, regardless of their present abilities, to move to the next level. That’s one way to ensure that the concept of leadership becomes a part of how everyone perceives the profession.”

Sherman College’s LPMI Success Colloquium, which began in April, promotes these concepts and is a series of seminars designed to enhance leadership and practice management skills for members of the chiropractic profession as well as Sherman students and faculty.

The Success Colloquium is only the first step in the Leadership and Practice Management Institute’s effort. According to Schwartzbauer, a student leadership program is already in the planning stage, because organizers know that if students become involved while they are still in chiropractic college they can develop leadership skills more easily than would be the case once they are out in practice. Plans are also underway to expand the reach of the present program beyond South Carolina and North Carolina.

Source: Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic,

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