November 17, 2012 — Metagenics announced the creation of a new, clinically tested weight loss program called FirstLine Therapy Healthy Transformation, and will be hosting a seminar series detailing this program throughout the U.S. from Jan. 26 to March 10.

This lifestyle medicine seminar titled: “Transforming Lives with a Clinically Tested Weight Loss Program” will be presented in Boston; Washington, DC; New York City; Pittsburgh; San Francisco; San Diego; Atlanta; and Houston.
More than one-third (35.7 percent) of adults in the U.S. are obese. On average, overweight or obese Americans have participated in at least five weight loss programs. Many report disappointment and weight regain.

At this new seminar, Dr. Joseph J. Lamb and other lifestyle medicine practitioners who have successfully implemented a healthy weight loss program will discuss the distinct advantages of FirstLine Therapy Healthy Transformation for obese patients who have previously failed to achieve desired results. He will also explore the science behind the development of the program and how the nutritional components facilitate weight loss.

At this seminar series, clinicians will discover:

  • A clinically designed dietary modification plan to promote weight loss
  • Innovative nutritional support strategies to enhance diet and other lifestyle recommendations
  • Recent clinical research demonstrating program success

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Source: Metagenics,