Wellness: A provocative subject

I’m glad to see that Chiropractic Economics has weighed in on wellness [in “Branding Wellness: As the experts advise” and “Wellness: As DCs do it” in Issue 2, 2008].

Wellness is provocative, but do we know what it means? How did it start? Where are we headed? Are we making headway?

Author and economist Paul Zane Pilzer probably has the most developed package on wellness, although his timing seems off [in The Next Trillion, 2001]. The replacement of the $1 trillion conventional illness paradigm and growth of the $1 trillion wellness  one hasn’t been completed.

Indeed, conventional medicine is rapidly approaching $4 trillion. This raises several issues: Those who profit to the tune of $4 trillion don’t want to lose out. If there is a $1 trillion wellness industry, will it shrink as more people become and stay well? Who really wants an industry with diminishing marginal returns?

— David Ponsonby