The Parker Principles

Dr. Jim’s Parker Principles have become synonymous with chiropractic success because behind the words, there is a truth that becomes very powerful when actualized.

That truth will be different for every person based on his or her past experience, present situation, and future goals. By finding your own meaning in each Parker Principle, you will discover how to make your own life more fulfilling. Study the principles, find which ones speak to you, and start maximizing your potential as a doctor and healer.

• Develop a compassion to serve that is greater than the compulsion to survive.

• Love is the magic bullet of healing. I can optimize my mission, talent, and destiny (MTD), and attract the “naturally right” patients, people, places, things, events, and situations for me when I love each person as a mother, father, brother, sister, or child.

• If it is to be, it is up to me.

• Success is predetermined by my faith, confidence, and belief in my products, services, and ideas.

• I cannot communicate successfully and efficiently what I do not own. Develop certainty in who I am and what I do.

• Do not let the negative few overrule the positive many.

• To be in harmony with my success, health, and happiness goals, I must act with love based upon free will and react with faith based upon God’s will.

• I will anticipate the good — even during the bad.

• To attract my success, health, and happiness, I will eliminate fear of the future, worry over the past, and anxiety for the present.

• To eliminate fear, worry, and anxiety, I must live in the present and let go and let God.

• My ultimate purpose is to live in harmony with the universe. I can do so only when my mission is accomplished, my talents are developed and my destiny is fulfilled.

• We see things as we are, not necessarily as they are.

• There is no philosophy by which I can do a thing if I think I cannot.

• Thought plus action equals feeling. My feelings attract my life to me.

• To heal remove “doubt” in both doctor and patient and instill “belief” in both doctor and patient.

• Seeing is not believing…believing is seeing.

• Loving service is my first technique.

• What I see in the universe sees me.

• Nature will give me what I act like I already have!