10 assumptions and 5 facts Know the truth to achieve your dream practic

ORLANDO, Fla. — The wellness revolution is upon us. But if you want to cash in on it, you have to get your facts straight — and not run your practice on assumptions, Dallas Humble, DC, told a standing-room only audience at a Chiropractic Economics’-sponsored Boot Camp program for attendees at the Florida Chiropractic Association conference.

Humble, president of Dallas Humble, Inc., a practice-management consulting firm, discussed in the seminar 10 assumptions on which chiropractors base their business. These assumptions keep them from having the practice of their dreams, he said.

10 assumptions

1 Patients are interested in their health. False. “They don’t understand health,” said Humble. “They only know about feeling better.”

2 Results produce referrals. False. Referrals come to those who ask for them.

3 A report of findings educates patients. False. Education is a journey, not a destination. One report of findings does not educate; education must be an ongoing process.

4 Patients cannot afford chiropractic care. False. Chiropractic is not an affordability issue, said Humble. It’s a value issue. “What is your service worth?” he asked.

5 Insurance patients can be converted to cash. False. If insurance is limited or doesn’t meet your standards, don’t accept it.

6 Patients buy your time. False. You sell talent, not time, said Humble. Use techniques that allow you to deliver quality care in a shorter amount of time. It’s the service you deliver, not the time you spend with a patient.

7 Lowering your fees will increase your volume. False. Lowering your fees only lowers your income and eliminates profit, said Humble. People who pay $20 will most likely pay $30. “When something has little perceived value, you can give it away and not have a lot of takers.”

<A href=”http://adtrack.chiroeco.com/cgi-bin/advertpro/blink.pl?name=589&slot=1″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> <IMG src=”http://adtrack.chiroeco.com/cgi-bin/advertpro/bimg.pl?name=589&slot=1″ alt=”Massage Magazine Subscription Offer http://www.massagemag.com/subscribe” width=”250″ height=”250″ border=”0″ align=”left”></A> 8 There are shortcuts to success. False. Champions know success and work on building policies, procedures and benchmarks to achieve it.

9 Work more and you will earn more. False. It’s not the time you spend at work, it’s the quality of care you give, Humble re-emphasized. “Do the right things!”

10 You don’t need to market or advertise because of managed care. False. “The dollars you save on advertising pave the road to financial destruction,” said Humble.

5 facts

Instead of operating your practice on assumptions, said Humble, base it on facts:

1 People pay for what they want. They don’t necessarily pay for what they need. So, advised Humble, if you want people in your clinic, you’ll have to make them want good health and chiropractic.

2 Someone is always better. Regardless of what your business is, you will always find businesses and practices doing twice as much as you are.

3 Aggressive management and marketing work. These techniques will turn around a practice. But to use those techniques, you have to be willing to change.

4 Short vision is shortsighted. Most chiropractors have a limited vision of their practice objectives that rarely extends beyond 30 to 60 days. Look farther and broader to grow.

5 The road to success has to be paved with time and energy. Many individual practitioners have a goal to sell their practice and retire early, but few invest the time or energy to execute a plan.

Acting on these facts requires making changes in how you practice and how you deal with patients. “Communication is the key to success,” said Humble.

Source: Dr.Dallas Humble can be contacted through his Web site (www.dallashumble.com) or by calling 800-282-1947. Linda Segall, editor of Chiropractic Economics, covered Dr. Humble’s presentation at the FCA conference.