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Over the last decade, low level laser treatment has gone from “up and coming” to “here and now” technology, providing positive outcomes for millions of patients worldwide.

This Laser Therapy Resource Center will help you integrate laser therapy into your chiropractic practice. It will also provide you with the most up-to-date news and information about low level laser technology to help you achieve the best patient outcomes.

With a clinical track record of 20-plus years in more than 30 countries, Multi Radiance Medical is committed to advancing your clinical know-how on everything lasers.

Laser Therapy News & Articles

Tissue depth considerations for laser therapy

While lasers bring cutting-edge technology to chiropractic practices, there are still a number of issues to take into consideration with laser therapy, and one of the most important is tissue depth.

LLLT may ease muscle fatigue before and after exercise

Researchers found that low level laser therapy might be a solution to treating debilitating muscle fatigue in athletes.

Should you add laser therapy to your service menu?

Lasers can add a great deal to a DC’s toolkit for treating patients. However, it is important to understand and follow all recommended protocols.

Lasers for wound therapy

Not only can lasers be used for musculoskeletal pain and inflammation management, but they can also be used to help heal various wounds and abrasions.

Laser therapy may help alleviate arthritis pain

Rather than a simply randomized effect on problematic tissue, scientists may have the ability to isolate or “tweeze” individualistic cells.

Therapeutic applications for lasers

In terms of conservative pain relief and tissue healing, therapeutic applications illustrate some compelling results.

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