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Sigma Instruments and Sigma Methods, the global leaders in instrument-based chiropractic assessment and adjusting, have dedicated themselves to aligning technology with wellness to promote improved health worldwide. The complete line of Sigma devices has revolutionized the manner in which doctors treat patients. These advancements have literally touched the lives of millions—with 1.6 million patients per month being treated with their technology.

Instrument Adjusting News & Articles

Add soft tissue manipulation to your treatment plan

Using the available tools at the appropriate times helps patients hurt less and function better. Those tools include, among other things, manual and instrument assisted adjusting, and soft tissue manipulation with or without instruments.

Can instrument adjusting improve cervical range of motion?

Using instrument-assisted adjustments for cases in which the neck does not have full range of motion can provide patients with pain relief, while at the same time allowing the neck to once again move freely.

Treat subluxations with the help of instruments

Subluxations, either of the partial dislocation or the mechanical impediment variety, can be treated successfully with instrument adjusting.

Chiropractic care decreases postpartum pelvic pain 2015 case study suggests

A recent case study indicates that a combination therapy including chiropractic adjustments can improve pelvis pain and reduce postpartum diastasis.

Retain patients with visual diagnostics

Help explain complex medical knowledge with visual diagnostics, improving patient understanding so they are engaged in their own care.

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A1 – Introduction to SIGMA Computer Instrument Adjusting: Fundamentals for Safe and Accurate Integration Into Your Practice L1- Module 1- SIGMA Instrument Methods Basic Certification: Operation, Clinical Applications and Neurophysiological Mechanisms
Pittsburgh, PA, US:
June 26, 2015
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Pittsburgh, PA, US:
June 27-28, 2015
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Advanced Neurological Uses & Protocols

DaveSalankiDave Salanki, DC

How to easily evaluate any chiropractic instrument or instrument-based approach in less than 5 minutes
The use of devices and instruments to assist in delivery of …Read More

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