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Sigma Instruments and Sigma Methods, the global leaders in instrument-based chiropractic assessment and adjusting, have dedicated themselves to aligning technology with wellness to promote improved health worldwide. The complete line of Sigma devices has revolutionized the manner in which doctors treat patients. These advancements have literally touched the lives of millions—with 1.6 million patients per month being treated with their technology.

Instrument Adjusting News & Articles

Instrument adjusting for common pain conditions

Chiropractic care is uniquely poised to treat these common complaints. Additionally, instrument adjusting for pain has shown favorable comparison over manual adjusting in some situations.

Instrument adjusting for posture

Instrument adjusting for posture is a treatment alternative for patients who find their symptoms are aggravated by manual adjustments.

Let’s get clinical: Instrument adjusting for the spine

Issues with the shoulders and knees are often treated with instruments due to the delicate nature of the joints. But the most common problem that chiropractic patients report is back pain, which in many cases can be effectively addressed with instrument adjusting.

Help patients who are weak at the knees

The knee joint is somewhat of a paradox, as it must be fairly flexible to allow us to walk, sit, and bend yet also requires stability to bear the weight of the entire body when standing up. Unfortunately, this dichotomy can make the knee susceptible to injury, which results in a great deal of pain.

Instrument intervention: 4 chiropractic case studies

In many instances, DCs may find instrument adjusting to be a better treatment option than manual techniques. Here are four case studies in which instrument adjusting resulted in the resolution of symptoms for patients who had not found relief via other treatment options.

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A1 – Introduction to SIGMA Computer Instrument Adjusting: Fundamentals for Safe and Accurate Integration Into Your Practice L1- Module 1- SIGMA Instrument Methods Basic Certification: Operation, Clinical Applications and Neurophysiological Mechanisms
Pittsburgh, PA, US:
June 26, 2015
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Pittsburgh, PA, US:
June 27-28, 2015
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Advanced Neurological Uses & Protocols

DaveSalankiDave Salanki, DC

How to easily evaluate any chiropractic instrument or instrument-based approach in less than 5 minutes
The use of devices and instruments to assist in delivery of …Read More

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