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This resource center, sponsored by Sigma Instruments, is your one-stop-shop for information about chiropractic research, adjusting instruments, marketing tools, technique systems, continuing education, and training.

Sigma Instruments and Sigma Methods, the global leaders in instrument-based chiropractic assessment and adjusting, have dedicated themselves to aligning technology with wellness to promote improved health worldwide. The complete line of Sigma devices has revolutionized the manner in which doctors treat patients. These advancements have literally touched the lives of millions—with 1.6 million patients per month being treated with their technology.

Instrument Adjusting News & Articles

Research says experience improves instrument-assisted adjustments

Over the duration of a long career in chiropractic, your clinical know-how will continually build on your previous experience as you gain new insights.
At the same time, you’ll keep your skills fresh to reflect emerging

Expect to need education for adjusting instruments when buying

Whether you’re toying with the idea of purchasing a new instrument for your practice or you’ve already placed your order, proper training—for both you and your staff—is important. New equipment is always a hefty business decision, so be sure to prepare and educate accordingly.

Case study: instrument adjusting for pregnancy-caused heartburn

Rather than ignore heartburn and indigestion symptoms or use antacids whenever heartburn interferes with daily life, many pregnant patients could choose to seek care.

Find the right treatment plan for patients

To a certain extent, trial and error are part of every chiropractic clinic. Alternative treatments, tools, instruments, positioning, and table height are just a few of the methods available in the chiropractor’s arsenal. Sometimes, attacking a stubborn condition requires changing your plans.

Chiropractic instruments for your practice

When it comes to offering your patients the best care you can, there are many different tools to choose from. While it’s impossible to name each and every one, there are some essential categories of instruments you want to consider having on hand.

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A1 – Introduction to SIGMA Computer Instrument Adjusting: Fundamentals for Safe and Accurate Integration Into Your Practice L1- Module 1- SIGMA Instrument Methods Basic Certification: Operation, Clinical Applications and Neurophysiological Mechanisms
Pittsburgh, PA, US:
June 26, 2015
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Pittsburgh, PA, US:
June 27-28, 2015
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Advanced Neurological Uses & Protocols

DaveSalankiDave Salanki, DC

How to easily evaluate any chiropractic instrument or instrument-based approach in less than 5 minutes
The use of devices and instruments to assist in delivery of …Read More

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