NEW YORK – (Business Wire) The Sunrise Premiums Corporation (SPC) has become the Official Travel Reward Center for HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab of Mayfield, KY, providing the local chiropractor with stimulating travel rewards, 4 Day/3 Night cruises, which will be issued to there customers, gratis.

HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab of Mayfield, a Kentucky franchisee, has identified Sunrise Premiums to supply their operation with all-inclusive cruises (Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian), initiated to showcase their commitment to patients and referral customers. Daniel R. Farr, D.C., is confident that the travel rewards will categorically exhibit to their clientele that they appreciate their customer’s commitment and confidence in his office’s care. “We’ve been looking for an overwhelming on-going initiative that shows our appreciation to our patients,” said Daniel R. Farr, DC. “With that said, we expect that this program will prove we care deeply about those who depend on our company. Additionally, we are convinced that implementing this rewards program will significantly differentiate us from any competitors, and therefore demonstrate once again that our patients are first and foremost in our practice.”

HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab will, with the use of the luxury travel vouchers, ultimately allow their patients to travel out of multiple ports of call including Miami, Los Angeles, and Galveston; final destinations are Cozumel, Nassau, and The Bahamas. Ship cabins, meals and entertainment are inclusive and the end-users need to pay only for port taxes and government fees. Additionally, Sunrise Premiums’ fulfillment center can facilitate car rentals, hotels, airfare, and local activities for all travelers.

Sunrise Premiums’ headquarters is in NYC and their President, Steve Kessler, was flattered to be chosen for HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab’s plan. “This is exactly the type of partnership that we recommend to our business customers,” said Kessler. “Our incentives, which include gas coupons and hotel vouchers, instinctively drive foot traffic and ultimately sales. Everyone wins.” To see Sunrise Premiums in the news, click on the embedded newscast video.

Sunrise Premiums, New York
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