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January 2009

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Chiropractor forms American Chiropractic Autism Board

January 13, 2009 — In 2008, Renee Tocco, DC, formed the American Chiropractic Autism Board (ACAB).  The ACAB has a world-class board of advisors that bring extraordinary expertise concerning autism spectrum disorder care and represent the many different facets of recovery. This board oversees “Hope for Autism” the first BioNutritional Care certification program ever designed specifically for chiropractors. Hope for Autism will equip chiropractors to care for these disorders utilizing the BioNutritional approach.  

The ACAB is hosting a string of events in order to get the word out about its association. The three-day conference, which will take place May 15-17, 2009, will be held in Charleston, SC. 

“The 2009 International Vaccine Risk Symposium” will be held on the first day of the conference, and will bring together some of the best medical minds who will validate and expose the latest research on the dangers of vaccines.  In addition, a 2000 Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer will be releasing her new book

about her loss of health due to chlorine and vaccines. 

 During the final two days of the conference, the ACAB will present “Hope for Autism,” which is a certification seminar that will equip chiropractors to responsibly address autism, ADD, learning disabilities, and other neurological developmental problems using BioNutritional Care. Doctors of chiropractic that complete the certification conference will be added to the ACAB’s online referral directory. This course will be CCE accredited.

The benefits of being a certified “Hope for Autism” doctor include:

• Offering hope to the number 1 healthcare crisis affecting children;

• Meeting the demand of parents who are desperately searching for a physician to help their child recover;

• Being a part of the movement of chiropractors who are dedicated to healing our nation; and

• Increasing patient base complementing autism care and chiropractic, allowing for the best opportunity of recovery.

Source: American Chiropractic Autism Board,


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2012-01-05 00:12:52
Name: Maria Wise

Location: Westerly, Rhode Island
Let me first say I AM a parent of a child diagnosed with Autism. Parents of children with Autism are not blind or uneducated. In fact, parents with children with Autism are probably more educated on Autism than most. False hope? When is hope false? There is always hope for improvement. Every single child with an autism spectrum disorder is different. When will the medical profession, public schools and everyone else "get it"? Thermisol and vaccines are contributors to SOME! Wake up

2011-07-06 15:59:38
Name: Andrew Cutler PhD

Location: Sammamish WA
Dr. Simmer should read the studies before he alludes to them. Of 200 some vaccine and autism studies, all but 3 showed it was more likely than not vaccines or the mercury in them cause autism. The medical community then proclaimed vaccines 'proven safe' through the twisted logic of saying they had not been proven dangerous at a 95% certainty level by any one study they must be safe. Also see the paper by DeSoto and Hitlan discussing miscalculation of statistics in earlier works.

2009-01-14 16:30:02
Name: 14c0

Location: Toronto
Autism' false "profits" come from the vaccine industry I am afraid.

It is not mercury that you need to worry about in and of itself. This is a multi-triggered problem, in pohysiology. Although mercury made things worse, aluminum is also bad, and aluminum has increased as the mercuty has been removed, and aluminum is 64x the problme as mercurial compounds have been.

Then again, the heavy metals are not even necessary (and neither is direct vaccination) to have an adverse "vaccine" reaction. Sound convoluted? This is true.

Aluminum is a flocculant -that is, it causes coagulation and sludging of fluids - like impurities in water in a water treatment plant (the water we drink) and sludging of human blood )clotting and coagulating and agglomerating.

Sludged blood does not flow through tiny vessels designed to deliver oxygen via red blood cells passing through capillarties in single file. As blood flow is delimited, clinically silent ischemia and hypoxia emerge as latent component of vaccine damages and autism spectrum..and more.

The universal, one size fits all, vaccination protocol has been flawed since the time of Edward Jenner.

One cannot offer solutions unless one knows what the problem is in physiology. Two of these problems are now known in biophyscis and physiology. This is simply new medical disovery (peer reviewed and published) as well as lost medicine - also peer revoewed and published.

If you know the problem in physiology, then you can offer a certification board. Eventually a critical mass will be reached. If yu do not know what teh problme is, you can also offer a certification board - we call this end of the spectrim the FDA/CDC/IOM.

If you design a band-aid it is useless unless the "patients" recognize they are bleeding. The medical system and the one size fits all vaccine industry is now the patient, and the Chiropractic profession, along with the other non-pharma based healing arts, has become a victim of the same medical hubris and prescription drug industry that has harmed all these children, infants, gulf war vets, and now teen girls.

Science can never prove the null hypothesis - one simply fails to reject it. Failing to reject a null hypothesis is not synonymous with no cause or effect.

The medical establishment has resorted to using population based parametric statistics to assess for a non-parametric distributed outcomes including adversity from vaccination, of which autism-spectrum is but one adverse outcome among many (re: 1 child in 6 now has a specific learning disability...). The adverities from vaccinations can be immediate and delayed, there are other contributing factors to adversity in addition to vaccination, these concomitant triggers are not controlled for in population based statistics; there is no true control group in the population based studies that have been done - indeed, we can now show you that mothers who have been vaccinated, can horizontally transmit the pathology (in immune memory and adversity)to theor newborn infants whio were neurologically intact at birth, and developed the core brain damage/injuries, characteristic of autims-spoectrum disorders from vacciunations, within 4 to n24 hours of breast feeding.

The damages from vaccination, throughout infancy, are additive, cumulative, and the same process that causes vaccine induced autims ALSO causes vaccine induced dementia, GWS, Gardasil deaths, specifc learning disabilities, ADHD, SIDS, and more... we say this, and you will to, becuase we can now see it - Live and restrospectively.

The solution? Rather than using a between subjects, post-hoc, population based, experiemntal design, with poor control for confounding variables, incomplete knowledge of the core mechanisms of injury (hypoxia and ischemia), inadequate follow-up times, and a singular clinical label (which is a collection of symptoms that exist on a continnuum of harm) as the only end-point, then these empirical studies that claim "no cause-effect" are missing the trees for the forest they have created.

When you use the individual as theor own case control and complete a full, and proper, neurological exam, before vaccination and after vaccination, then the within subjects deaign pulls out the temporal sequence, the proof causation, and the missing clinical data that the entire vaccine and medical industry has ignored, for the past 150 years.

By analogy: of you take an xray of the arm and see the bone is not broken, then you hit it with a baseball bat, and then re-xray the arm - and you find it is broken - this is proof causation.

Now if your control group, in this between subjects experimental design, is "silently" being hit in the arm with another vector that you have not controlled for, that summates to increase the breaking pressure polaced in the arm, then you will have no statistically significant difference between the two groups in the incidence of broken arms and you will incorrectly conclude that baseball bats at high velocity and frequency of "whacks" do not break arms. Scientific - a sound conclusion. Accuracy - the conclusion is meaningless.

When you compare apples with apples and conclude there are no oranges you are correct - however, the conclusion is meanignless, relative to reality and clinical truisms.

If you wish to see truth, and understand truth, in science, medicine, physiology, biophyscis, immunology, hematology, BioNutrition, and quite literally, "see for yourself proof causation proven on vaccine induced autism-spectrum, Gulf War Syndrome, attention deficit disorders, specific learning disabilities, sudden infant death, Gardasil, and more... then the information is now available for your learned appreciation.

The world was once flat. Now it is round.
Vaccines were held to not cause autism. Now we see that they do. This information requires no special knowledge of experimental design, complicated, probabilstic, mathematical models that use prabability and numbers to convey truth when truth is before your very eyes to obserev, first hand. Seeing is believing - come see. Science is mathematical manipulation - don't be manipulated to believe something that goes against what yuo can see first hand with yur own eyes - in confernce, and now, in your own clinical practice - board certfied or not.

It matters not what one excpert says or another -it matters only what you learn for yourself, with your own eyes and understanding.

Come see truth. Come understand where we went wrong. When the Western medical model "Germ Theory" is incomplete, then our approach, in Western medicine, has also been incomplete, and in several instances, wrong.

The same mechanims by which Vioxx caused strokes - is the same mechanism by whicah vacines are causing a similar pathologcial state, as currently constituted and deployed. Once the pathological damages have occurred, and because this is a sysetmic blood flow problme, then multi-organ systems are damaged, and multi-system solutions are required for recovery, let alone supporting the individual who has now acquired multi-organ functional impediements, in cognition, to digestion, to elimination, and healing.

With answers as to cause comes solutions - in prevention, intervention, diagnostics, and recovery. One cannot treat a problem unless the cause is known in physiology. We now have cause - in a within subjects design, that cannot be denied by anyone, including the likes of Dr Paul Offit, Dr Judy Gerberding, or Dr. Harvey Fineberg.

It is time the Chiropractic community re-claims its status and position of authority in this pharmacy-dominated western based medical system that has sold the public on the quackeries of chroropractic care as much as it has sold us all this one-size-fits-all safe for all multi-vaccination schedule that is causing ischemia, hypoxia, and microvascular strokes, to multi-organ systems, in an immediate and delayed manner, for all, irrespective of outcome diagnoses, and irrespective of the "vaccine strain" given, and in some cases, vaccines are not even necessary to cause the core problem in physiology. Vaccination, by virtue of frequency and ubiquity, has become the most prevalent trigger in this summative, additive, trigger filled world we now eat and drink and breath in.

It is not just the vaccinations that are the source of the problem. One does not even need to be directly vaccinated in order to be vaccine injured. If you wish to help this autism-spectrum and neurodevelopmental injured community, inlcuding the Gulf war ves, the children and their families, then I respectfully ask only for your eyes and ears to peruse the evidence we now have, that demosntartes, conclusively, that the world of autims-spectrum, relative to vaccinations, is unmistakably "round" and not flat(safe) at all.

All vaccinations, as curently constituted, are causing sludging of the blood, impairing blood flow, and causing ischemic/hypoxic/anoxic injuries to muliple ogran systems, including the brain, in clinicaly silent ways that are no longer silent.

This same pathophysiological mechanism, in causation, is a non-specific immune and fluid dynamics generic response to foreign substances entering mammalian tissue. Hans Selye knew this and publkished these findfings. Schwarzman/Sanarelki knew this. Botkin knew this. Ar5thuis knew this. Knisley knew this. Riddick knew this. Western medcine knew this. The CDC/FDA knows the problem can happen - they have simply ignored the problem exists and have refused to investigate the mechanism of injury under the guise of maintaining the public health sacred cow.

Tyhe mechanims is now kjnown and yu can now see for yourself along with the rest of the world as we go about returning to the edict of causing more good than harm.

There is a way to prevent vaccine, infectious disease, and toxin adversity. "They" are about to understand how this has happened, why it has happened, and what we must now do to prevent it from recurring, and how we can ratioanlly begin helping those that have been harmed already - inlcuding those being harmed by Gardasil.

ischemic strokes and sludging blood flow - it is as simpe as that.

Tolerance Lost
(answers and solutions)


Dr Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD

If I can be proven wrong - my life and liberty the globe may have in exchange for my ignorance.
If we were not 100% confident in what we now see with our own eyes, in real time, post vaccination, then we would not be standing up, standing out, and speaking out with the information you may now receive, and start helping us all; You are either trusting "them" or yourself - the choice requires understanding and knowledge that is now available to help in your deliberations.

Trust yourself. Come see for yourself what we all have been missing.


2009-01-14 15:44:45
Name: Mary Tocco

Location: Charleston, SC
I am shocked at how many people, especially doctors, are still unaware of how many children have recovered or are on the "road to recovery" from autism! To offer hope and solid answers to injury from environmentally-caused autism is nothing to be embarrassed about! I personally have met hundreds of parents who have addressed the physiological insults and injuries to have their child improve or fully recover language skills, eye contact, focus, social skills and thrive!!! This board's goal is to empower chiropractors with the finest recovery protocol known at this time and to continue to bring the best in research and treatment. Vaccines play a significant role in the causation of autism and other neurological problems facing our children.(Not just thimerosal) The MMR study previously mentioned was flawed and did not prove there is no link! It was inconclusive. I think ACAB member, Dr. Boyd Haley, says it best:

"I think that the biological case against Thimerosal is so dramatically overwhelming anymore that only a very foolish or a very dishonest person with the credentials to understand this research would say that Thimerosal wasn’t most likely the cause of autism,”
Interview of Dr. Boyd E. Haley, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center. In the past few years Dr. Haley has testified before numerous government agencies at the federal and state levels on the effects of mercury toxicity from dental amalgams and vaccines. This list includes two times before the Congressional Committee on Government Reform, the Pentagon to Surgeon Generals, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences. He serves on the board of advisers for the American Chiropractic Autism Board.

And as far as “false hope”, top chiropractic neurologists, brain specialists, immunologists and other health care providers all around the country are helping children recover from autism and related disorders. One final thought...

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”
– Chinese Proverb

Mary Tocco,

2009-01-14 09:35:21
Name: David Simmer, DC

Location: Eden Prairie, MN
Are you kidding me? "Having the solution to the number 1 healthcare crisis affecting children"? A statement like that displays a grave and dangerous ignorance of the etiology of autism.

Also, it's embarrassing to the profession that so many continue to ignore scientific consensus and logic, instead preferring to promote the anti-intellectual dogma of "the dangers of vaccines." If you'll recall the most recent high-quality investigation of the supposed MMR-autism link, for example, kids who received MMR had a slightly *lower* incidence of autism. Or how about the eight major studies have shown that since thimerosal's removal from the vaccine supply, autism rates have remained unchanged?

Offering false hope (for profit, no less) to parents of autistic kids is shameful.

Also, not being an official "board" in any jurisdictional sense, it would be clearly misleading to advertise oneself "board-certified" by the ACAB.

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