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Chiropractic News

December 1969

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2009-09-09 17:12:38
Name: Rob

Location: Calif
Joe: Didn't you mean to say anytime big business (Insurance companies,drug companies, hospitals)controlled something it has been a mess.

Medicare has been controlling health care for a long time and it does a damn good job.

Greedy insurance companies, drug companies, and hospitals are the reason our system is failing, not the governments.

2009-08-23 16:18:44
Name: Joe P

Location: CT
Anytime Government has been involved with or contrlloed something it has typically been a mess. I guess we will see soon enough where he intends for chiropractic to end up, if it becomes $30.00 adjustments for everyone, then Chiropractors will ACTUALLY have to WORK for their money something many of them are not happy about.

2009-03-27 15:28:55
Name: William J. Craig, D.C.

Location: SC
Travis, I understand your need for hope. Time will tell. Speaking the word "chiropractic" doesn't go far and Rush Limbaugh may be colorful, but he is accurate.

2009-01-23 21:15:47
Name: Travis

Location: Brady
Dr. William Craig is clueless and out of his mind, calling President Obama's words in support of chiropractic "...empty message with empty rhetoric." When is the last time any U.S. President stood in support of chiropractic, or even uttered the word chiropractic? Apparently, you choose Rush Limbaugh's Republican rhetoric, over advancements in your profession. Shame!

2008-12-20 09:15:03
Name: William Craig, D.C.

Location: South Carolina
This is an empty message with empy rhetoric and the word "chiropractic" has simply been inserted into the text. I caution you to beware of interjecting your "hope" into a situation rather than really digesting the content. Furthermore, these are simply words. Time will tell the direction and intent, as truth and reality are based on action.

Dr. Craig

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