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ISSUE #11, 2010

Chiropractic Economics Magazine

    Editor's Message

    That's new to me!

    Maybe it’s something a new patient revealed in his or her history or just a fact someone said you didn’t know before, but at one point today, did you learn your one new thing? … Read More

    Research Results

    A proven solution

    Myofascial pain syndrome is among the leading diagnoses of pain management specialists1 and is certainly a common complaint among patients seeking chiropractic care. … Read More

    Wellness Approach

    Are you speaking their language?

    Many of you have more than likely had experiences with children who need chiropractic, but whose parent(s) “forbid” them from starting chiropractic care. … Read More

    Sample letter to parents

    The following is a supplement to Lynne Sullivan's article "Are you speaking their language," which appeared in issue 11, 2010. … Read More

    Marketing Matters

    Straight shootin’

    Many types of consultants are available to the chiropractic profession — practice management, financial, and compliance consultants to name just a few. … Read More

    Kick-start your marketing

    For the owner of a new startup practice, it can seem like a daunting task to get from your practice vision to a practice that is actually up and running. … Read More

    Personal Growth

    Follow that leader!

    You have the corner office, the fancy business cards, and the outward respect of all those who now realize you command the future of their paycheck as the owner of your own practice. … Read More


    Master of one

    For nearly three decades, James W. Gudgel, DC, RPT, has held the same idea for his practice: Learn one technique extremely well — become a master of one — rather than a jack of trade of several. … Read More

    Practice Central

    Going for the win

    Congratulations, you made it out of college and are now licensed! Now the real work begins. … Read More

    The missing component

    You are going to start a new practice and can’t be more excited. You think, “How cool this will be? I will be my own boss, make better money, and can do things the way I want.” … Read More

    Secrets of negotiation

    Everything in life is a compromise; everything in life is a negotiation. Yet, people seem stifled by the word and implications that surround negotiating. … Read More

    Overstep those oversights

    Mistakes are inevitable, and you are bound to make a few along the way to your practice’s success. … Read More

    Back from the brink

    The economic climate in the country is finally showing signs of improvement, which is good news for everyone and even more welcome news for your practice. … Read More

    Motivate to avoid mediocrity

    Several situations can lead to an unmotivated staff, which can ultimately lead to practice mediocrity. … Read More

    Part 1: Bulletproof documentation

    Because of the many different techniques and philosophies involved in chiropractic, you can be assured different doctors utilize different admitting and ongoing paperwork. … Read More

    Coding Questions

    Apples to oranges

    Q: I’m not sure how to differentiate between CPT codes 97110 and 97530. They seem very similar to me. Can you explain the difference and provide some practical examples? … Read More

    How much do you owe?

    Besides passing the national boards, there is little that distracts chiropractic college students these days as much as the debt they’re running up for their education. … Read More

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