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Give your products prominent placement within a respected source—one that reaches thousands of readers monthly, both online and in print.

Chiropractic Economics magazine and were voted the #1 most-trusted and most-used resource for practice building, product information, and purchasing decisions by doctors of chiropractic. Your message will reach a targeted, educated audience who trusts our integrity and our voice within the chiropractic industry.

Over time, we have developed the most complete, integrated marketing programs to build your company’s brand equity and generate quality leads. We continuously update and refine our services to reflect the changing needs of advertisers in our marketplace. We work with you to develop a customized marketing plan that will suit your business needs and goals.

BPA Worldwide certifies that Chiropractic Economics has the highest number of requested readers compared to any other chiropractic magazine. Read their independent BPA Circulation Statement for more information.

We also have the broadest reach to chiropractic industry enthusiasts through our social media channels, all of which have followings nearly five times greater than any other publication in the industry.

Lewis&Clark Market Intelligence conducted an independent readership survey to glean valuable information that demonstrates Chiropractic Economics’ dominance in the chiropractic publication market. Chiropractors also voted the #1 resource for purchasing products and services, something every advertiser needs to know when considering digital media advertising options.

Spend your time and money wisely. Place your ads in front of DCs who have the resources to buy your products and services. Our readers are ready to invest in top-quality products and services both for themselves and their patients. They are looking for those resources right now, and we can help you deliver them.


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